• Licensing and How to Order
  • Installation Instruction
  • Encrypting and Decrypting
  • Zipping Files & Folders
  • Unzipping Files & Folders
  • Listing Files & Folders
  • Deleting, Renaming and Moving Files & Folders
  • Synchronizing files and directories
  • Quick Synchronizing and Updating Archive
  • Testing Files
  • Working with Transaction System
  • Spanning or Splitting Archive
  • Creating Self-Extracting Archive
  • Working with RealTimeZip
  • Working with Tar
  • Working with Tgz
  • Working with GZip
  • Transferring/Receiving Files & Folders to/from another File System (SFTP, FTP, SCP, etc.)
  • Handling Events
      ComponentPro UltimateZip


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      ZIP Component

      Thank you for choosing ComponentPro UltimateZip!

      ComponentPro UltimateZip is an advanced ZIP compression library for .NET Framework that is purely written in C#. It is designed to put flexibility into the hands of developer with a lot of features including ZlibDeflate, BZip2, and PPMd compression methods, Zip64, PKZip and AES encryptions, streaming, transaction, Real-time ZIP, repairing, unicode file names and much more. It offers elegant APIs to work with popular compressed file formats including ZIP, ZIPX, Gzip, Tar, and TGZ (also know as .tar.gz). In addition to supporting archive file system tasks, it also supports creating and working with spanning / splitting and self-extracting archives. The component is optimized for easy use in multiple scenarios, it will give you the control and stability you need. See UltimateZip feature overview page for more details.

      The UltimateZip package comes with a full documentation and samples to help you start developing your applications with our component easily.

      ComponentPro UltimateZip supports .NET 2.x and above. 


      You can also find information about the following in this manual:

      • UltimateZip Overview
      • Installation and Deployment Instructions
      • Introduction to the Zip file format
      • How to encrypt and decrypt
      • How to zip and unzip
      • How to search files within a zip file
      • How to rename, delete files within a zip file
      • How to work with the Transaction System
      • How to synchronize / update archive
      • How to create Spanning / Splitting archive
      • How to create Self-Extracting archive
      • How to handle events of the Zip class
      • How to work with GZ, TAR, and TGZ file formats
      • How to work with RealTimeZip
      • How to handle exceptions
      • Class Reference


      Please fell free to contact us at contact@componentpro.com if you have any question.